50 tabs x 250mg | bag

Disclaimer: due manufacturing supply shortages, tablets can be colored or can be white only. This doesn’t indicate that tablets aren’t genuine or the active substance inside is not the ordered one.

What is Meldonium?
This is a drug that is often overlooked, underrated and most of all misunderstood with claims of having no room or need for use in fitness, weight training, bodybuilding, or intense training and sport competition, yet for those that fail to support their exact reasoning behind this flawed, baseless claim rarely provide any credible evidence of it’s uselessness, if in fact anyone has heard of it at all, very few are aware of it’s existence and unique properties.
With this being said, let’s explore its use and potentials inside of sports, bodybuilding and even outside of the gym for everyday people. Yes, you read that correct everyday “working people that is”.
This is not an agent that will promote strength, size or added aggression. It sits in a class of its own displaying properties that can be much similar to feeling rejuvenated, rested, awake, and alert. Yet not in the sense of a stimulant, but rather like a mild nootropic if there was a comparison this would be the best suited description.
Meldonium Can/will improve the users recovery, and stamina. High intensity training sessions become more bearable with the ability to push a little more without feeling taxed or spent.
It’s a great tool to use when conditioning is the goal, weight loss, or when looking for that extra peep in your cardio sessions. The use and potentials ate limitless.
What should the users expect:
* An increases with overall performance, whether with fitness or mental clarity at work and every day tasks, with off label properties improving mental performance and brain function, in some regions its popular amongst entrepreneurs, students, athletes and professions who need to perform at their best, among the best.
* Improves cognitive brain functions with the ability to cope with high stress situations physically and mentally, nervous and mental stress (especially during competition or work loads), mental clarity and focus and mental processing speed.

* enhances the transport of glucose to cells. As a result – to provide the heart and brain with oxygen, added drive, vitality and get-up-and-go readiness, also requires less glucose in the blood..

For training or high intensity work environments Meldonium could be extremely beneficial with effects that improve concentration thru-out the session or day, liveliness and animation with drive, helping the user blast though with confidence, tenacity and grit, while still having some extra gas in the tank.


50 TABS X 250 MG / BAG
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